To be



apperal. Run.


Beer. Cheers.



We unite living on the run with the taste of proper beer by adding this tasty FG2 collection.
Meanwhile. Elite ran away. High-fashion flew on. Now back to the native organic M root.

Final Gravity presents this proper running apparel created by Mikkeller inhouse.
Strongly tied by a diverse and inclusive mindset.
Passion for easy running, performance look and foremost: social intentions.

We are Final Gravity. Humble to serve you proper active apparel. Functional on the run. Pointed at social runners with a great taste. Well-dressed we toast. To be continued.

MRC x Final Gravity

Running. Down to earth


Edge ventilation so you can move comfortably.


You need full mobility when moving under your stride.


Train hard, pick up the pace and make the most of your route.

active wear


Mikkel Bjergsø

"What might seem like an unusual partnership is tied together by a diverse and inclusive mind-set..."


Let us present new, simple version of the Final Gravity collection. Classic design where the clothes stand out.

We handle the creative task in close dialogue with casual reality preferably with direct inspiration for style and tone.