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Sales and Delivery Conditions

1. General terms and conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to all products purchased from Final Gravity Aps, CVR no. 43 60 30 78, Korsdalsvej 107, DK-2610 Rødovre (“Final Gravity”). Final Gravity may be contacted by phone: +45 2896 6505 or e-mail:

1.2 The website (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Final Gravity. Any purchase made through the Website will be considered a transaction between Final Gravity as the seller and you as the buyer (“Buyer”) (Final Gravity and Buyer are collectively referred to as the “Parties”).

1.3 Any exception to the Terms and Conditions must be explicitly agreed in writing between the Parties.

2. Placement of orders
2.1 Final Gravity only conducts sales to private individuals (consumers). When Buyer makes a purchase on the Website, Buyer accepts these Terms and Conditions, which are applicable to all sales by Final Gravity.

2.2 When placing an order trough the Website, Buyer receives a receipt via the e-mail address provided by Buyer when placing the order. This receipt is only a confirmation that Final Gravity has received Buyer’s order, and is not a binding purchase agreement between Final Gravity and Buyer. A binding purchase agreement is only entered into when the order is accepted by Final Gravity, and Final Gravity sends a final order confirmation to Buyer’s e-mail address, specifying, among other things, quantity, price, expected delivery date and place of delivery (the “Order Confirmation”).

2.3 Before placing the order, the Buyer receives information about the total price, including VAT, taxes and delivery costs.

2.4 If the Buyer disagrees with the specifications in the Order Confirmation, the Buyer must contact Final Gravity immediately after receiving the Order Confirmation.

2.5 Before sending the Order Confirmation, Final Gravity may reject Buyer’s order either wholly or partially, including but not limited to situations in which the ordered product may no longer be delivered. In such case, Final Gravity will contact Buyer as soon as possible and any payment or reservation made using a payment method will be returned or cancelled.

3. Price and Payment
3.1 When Buyer makes a purchase on the Website, the prices available on the Website at the time of the purchase are applicable. All prices are displayed in local currency, including VAT.

3.2 If the price of or specifications regarding a product on the Website or Order Confirmation is inaccurate and Buyer has been or should have been aware of this, the price and/or specifications are not applicable to the purchase. In such case, Final Gravity will contact Buyer as soon as possible.

3.3 Payment can be made using the following cards: Visa, Dankort and Mastercard, or by bank transfer according to agreement. Different fees may apply depending on the payment method. Final Gravity has a right to determine the available payment options, which may vary from time to time.

4. Shipping and Delivery
4.1 Products will be delivered to Buyer in accordance with the shipping option chosen by Buyer at checkout. Depending on the chosen method of delivery and the total order amount, fees may be applicable for delivery. Buyer can find information about the available shipping options and applicable fees on the Website and at check out.

4.2 The estimated delivery time is specified on the Website and in the Order Confirmation and may vary according to the chosen delivery method. The estimated date of delivery is estimated according to the date of the Order Confirmation and not the date that the order is placed. We aim to always ship within 5-7 days from receiving the order.

4.3 Final Gravity bears the risk of accidental loss of the product until it is delivered to the delivery address specified by Buyer. Delivery is deemed to have taken place when Final Gravity or the carrier delivers the product to Buyer at the place specified in the Order Confirmation. If Buyer has accepted that the carrier delivers the product outside your door (or any other similar location), the product is deemed to have been delivered upon the carrier placing the product outside the door (or any other similar location). After delivery, Buyer bears the risk of the product being stolen, destroyed or similar.

5. Unclaimed packages
5.1 It is Buyer’s responsibility to receive or collect the package in accordance with the instructions that Buyer receives in connection with delivery. Packages which are not collected will be returned to Final Gravity.

6. Offers and Campaigns
6.1 We may provide offers, campaigns, discounts and likewise (“Offers”). Such Offers are only valid for the period stated in the Offer, and as long as the product is in stock, unless otherwise expressly stated on the Website. Offers cannot be combined with other discounts unless expressly stated. If Buyer returns products, Buyer may no longer qualify for the Offer according to the terms of the Offer and this may entail that Buyer no longer may receive the specified discount. These Terms and Conditions also applies to Offers.

6.2 If the Offer is annulled or withdrawn, these Terms and Conditions applies to the products that were formerly part of the Offer.

7. Cancellation, withdrawal and returns
7.1 Buyer has a right to cancel the purchase for 14 days from the day that Buyer, or a representative acting on behalf of the Buyer, has received the product.

7.2 Items that are especially manufactured or otherwise adapted to the Consumer is considered a purchase in accordance with § 18(2)(3) of the Consumer Contracts Act (Act no. 1457 of 17 December 2013 with amendments) for which there is no right of cancellation/withdrawal and/or returns.

7.3 If Buyer wishes to make use of the 14-day cancellation right, Buyer should use the complaints form on the Website or the standard formula which may be accessed here or at the end of these Terms and Conditions.

7.3 If Buyer wishes to make use of the 14-day cancellation right, the Buyer should return the product to Final Gravity within 14 days of Buyer notifying Final Gravity that Buyer wishes to make use of the 14-day cancellation right. Buyer bears the costs and risk of returning the product to Final Gravity.

7.4 If Buyer makes use of the 14-day cancellation right, Final Gravity has a right to deduct an amount corresponding to the loss of value in case Buyer has used the product in a manner more excessive than necessary in order to determine the nature, properties and function of the product. The deduction is made by subtracting the value upon return of the product from the value at the time of the purchase of the product.

7.5 If Buyer makes use of the 14-day cancellation right, Final Gravity will refund the payment within 14 days of Buyer notifying the wish to make use of the 14-day cancellation right. Final Gravity does however not refund the payment until Final Gravity has received the returned product, or until you have documented that you have returned the product to Final Gravity. Depending on the payment method used upon purchase, the refund may take a few extra days.

8. Complaints
8.1 If the product has a defect, Buyer has a right to complain according to the mandatory legislation on consumer’s rights of complaint of the country of which Buyer is resident. As a consumer resident in Denmark, Buyer has a 24 months (2 years) right of complaint from the day that Buyer received the product.

8.2 If Buyer wishes to make a complaint regarding a product, Buyer should inform Final Gravity within reasonable time from discovering the defect either via the contact formula on the Website or via the contact information stated in clause 1.1. Buyer should contact Final Gravity before returning the product, and Final Gravity will provide the Buyer with instructions on the procedure to be followed.

8.3 When Final Gravity has received the returned product, and it is determined that the complaint is justified according to the applicable legislation, the payment is refunded to Buyer. This entails that Final Gravity either may repair or replace the defect product, or if none of these are possible, Buyer may be entitled to a reduction in the price corresponding to the defect or to cancel the purchase in accordance with applicable legislation. If Final Gravity finds the complaint justified, Final Gravity will reimburse Buyer’s reasonable costs for returning the product. Buyer may also be entitled to compensation in accordance with applicable legislation. If it is determined that the complaint is not justified in accordance with applicable legislation, Final Gravity may reject the complaint.

9. About these Terms and Conditions
9.1 Final Gravity has a right to amend or change these Terms and Conditions, but the Terms and Conditions that were applicable at the time of Buyer’s purchase will continue to be applicable to that purchase. Amendments or changes to the Terms and Conditions are applicable from the time at which Buyer accepts the Terms and Conditions (i.e. upon a new purchase).

9.2 These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with Danish law. If one or more clauses are considered invalid or cannot be enforced by a competent court, the remainder of Terms and Conditions will continue to be applicable, valid and enforceable in accordance with applicable legislation.


The Terms and Conditions are determined by Final Gravity Aps and are applicable as of 8 March 2023.


Standard formula for utilisation of the 14-day cancellation right

– To [insert the trader’s name, physical address and e-mail address of the trader himself]:

– I/we (*) hereby announce that I/we (*) wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in connection with my/our (*) purchase agreement for the following goods (*)/delivery of the following services (*)

– Ordered it (*)/received it (*)

– Consumer’s name (Consumer’s names)

– Consumer’s address (Consumer’s address)

– The consumer’s signature (Consumers’ signatures) (only if the content of the form is communicated on paper)

– Date

(*) What is not relevant is crossed out

Standard formula for utilisation of the 14-day cancellation right (Danish) / Standardfortrydelsesformular

– Til [her indsættes den erhvervsdrivendes navn, fysiske adresse og e-mail-adresse af den erhvervsdrivende selv ]:

– Jeg/vi (*) meddeler herved, at jeg/vi (*) ønsker at gøre fortrydelsesretten gældende i forbindelse med min/vores (*) købsaftale om følgende varer (*)/levering af følgende tjenesteydelser (*)

– Bestilt den (*)/modtaget den (*)

– Forbrugerens navn (Forbrugernes navne)

– Forbrugerens adresse (Forbrugernes adresse)

– Forbrugerens underskrift (Forbrugernes underskrifter) (kun hvis formularens indhold meddeles på papir)

– Dato

(*) Det ikke relevante udstreges

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