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Wear. Run.


Beer. Cheers.


To be continued.

We are Final Gravity.
Humble to serve you proper active apparel.
Functional on the run. Designed all social runners with great taste.
Beers and garments.

We unite living on the run with the taste of proper beer by adding this tasty FG well-made collection.
Now back to the native organic M root.

Final Gravity presents this proper running apparel created by Mikkeller Goodfellas.
Strongly tied by a diverse and inclusive mindset.
Passion for running, action look and foremost: social intentions.

Well-dressed we toast. To be continued.

Mikkeller Running Club was established in 2014. The philosophy behind the club is that enjoying great beer and doing a bit of physical activity can help you keep a balance in life.
We always run on the First Saturday of the month and we aim to have routes, pace and distances suitable for all types of runners. After the training it’a hangtime and we all enjoy a beer – or two. Follow your local chapter for info about where and when to meet up.

Check the list to find your local MRC chapter. And if you can’t find it we would be happy to help out starting one. Simply send an email to mrc@mikkeller.dk and we’ll send you our simple manual on how to get MRC started in your area.