Casual. Wear


Beer. Cheers.


To be continued.

We strive to engage mostly with our global beer friends by adding this Mikkeller x FG2 merchandise collection.

Final Gravity represents decent casual wear aside running apparel. All orchestrated by Mikkeller and active Brandfellas.
Strongly tied together by a diverse and inclusive mind-set.
With a passion for a great beer and social intentions.

We are Final Gravity. With a humble aim to offer proper casual apparel. Very well-made garment for bar-personal and beer fans. In mutual love of a well-earned and a well-dressed toast.
Here’s how to
Tee’s. Colors of choice
Hoodies. Colors of choice

Casual x Final Gravity

Cheer up. And have a great time


Edge ventilation so you can move comfortably.


You need full mobility when moving under your stride.


Train hard, pick up the pace and make the most of your route.

Crews wear


Mikkel Bjergsø

"What might seem like an unusual partnership is tied together by a diverse and inclusive mind-set..."

Running. Go!

Very soon we will present new, simple versionised Final Gravity collection. Classic design for running down to earth.

We handle the creative task in close dialogue with casual reality preferably with direct inspiration for style and tone.